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UWI Technology Ltd.

Lochside House, 3 Lochside Way
ZIP Code
EH12 9DT
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
UWI Technology are an innovative Scottish SME that have developed a new elapsed time indicator label technology. The label displays elapsed time from first opening / use of products with applications in areas such as industrial glues and sealants where procedural and safety compliance is paramount in the aviation and defence sectors.

Elapsed Time Indicator Labels

What we offer:
The life expectancy and performance of certain industrial glues and sealants can be dependent on how long the container or tube has been opened and exposed to air.

UWI Labels can be manufactured with a range of time periods being hours, days, weeks and months according to the required product “use within” or expiry period.

Characteristics of the label:
• developed for use on jars, bottles, containers and tubes
• detailed label dimensions can be adjusted according to the specific product, product container shape and label display design requirements
• the label timing display is automatically triggered when the container lid is removed

What we are looking for:
Seeking Manufacturing and Maintenance centres using consumable glues and sealants as end customers.
Aircraft Manufacturers seeking to provide extra brand protection / tracability onto their after-market parts.

UWI licence UWI Labels to brand owners and end product producers and work with manufacturing partners to secure manufacturing development for UWI Labels into specific customer applications and supply the required volumes.

  • Aerospace
  • Defence

Collaboration sought:
  • Technology & business cooperation
    • Technical cooperation
    • Manufacturing
  • Research Cooperation
    • Private research


Mr Mr. David High

Commercial Director

Mr Pete Higgins

CEO / Founder

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